Eagle xl ultralight

Eagle xl ultralight

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Did you miss your activation email? Read times. Mike Ward tries 33 on for size. You are not allowed to download attachment. Unlike some very popular types the Legal Eagle is truly a pilot's airplane. I like to call it The Purist's Delight. It's all about pure stick and rudder uncomplicated by The ailerons are a little heavy but one gets used to that in short order.

It is an excellent teacher I'm still learning from it. Yes, perfect The real satisfaction comes in the last halfa percent of rigging. That really "hooked up feel" Happy Flying Spencer. Mike looks good in that plane. Look at that smile - and still sitting on the ground. Tom H. They sure catch the attention of both follow pilots and the nonflying community. I've truly enjoyed mine. It keeps you humble The quote that fits The following decades went the other direction LEUL first flew in Oct It's been very educational I miss the building In short So this is a question for the more senior flyers out there.The American Aerolights Eagle is an American ultralight aircraft that was produced by American Aerolightsintroduced in The aircraft was supplied as a kit for amateur construction.

Different sources attribute the design to Larry Hair [2] or Larry Newman. It features a cable-braced high-wingcanarda single-seat, open cockpit, tricycle landing gear and a single engine in pusher configuration. The aircraft is made from bolted-together aluminum tubing, with the flying surfaces covered in 4 oz Dacron sailcloth.

The wing incorporates downwards pointing wing tip rudders and a trailing edge that was defined only by the sailcloth edge. This latter feature caused a number of fatal accidents due to sailcloth UV deterioration.

Heavier weight sailcloth was substituted and finally a steel cable was used at the trailing edge. A fore and aft boom that acts as the wing keel also supports the canard surface. Different Eagle models used different control systems, gradually becoming more conventional over time. Assembly time from the kit is 75 hours. The Eagle was built in several models and in very large numbers. Data from Cliche [1].

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American Aerolights Eagle

Cybair Limited Publishing, Archived from the original on 6 May Retrieved 7 November Archived from the original on 27 June Retrieved 8 November American Aerolights aircraft.Learn, Build, Fly, Share. Welcome, Guest. Please login or register.

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Did you miss your activation email? Read times. Hey all! I've done some searching but maybe I'm not doing it correctly. If this has already been answered I apologize. I am a licensed pilot with my tailwheel endorsement and I thought it might be interesting to build an XL with full covering and maybe some light weight makeshift doors so I could fly it in the winter I'm in MN without turning into an ice cube.

Doing so would most likely increase the speed to beyond FAR and would require me to get it numbered which is just fine, so the title is a little misleading. My concern is that I'm assuming with full covering it'll be more aerodynamic, and result in a bit faster cruise.

I would hate to build and cover something and have it be fast to the point that the wings fall off or the prop has issues or something equally terrible happens that I can't even think of.

eagle xl ultralight

Maybe my concern is silly an unfounded. Blatant mockery? Thanks in advance! Quote from: totoro on February 27,PM. Its a common airfoil used on many. The only difference they have a full aileron. So as far as the wings IMO. Here is a link to the HiMax.

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My Hi-Max weighs lbs. Steve: Thanks I'll check that out! Joe: Thanks for the info on the wings! I'm really debating whether the LE XL or the HiMax is the way to go, but it seems to be 6 of one half a dozen of the other. Just weighing my options. Quote from: scottiniowa on February 27,PM.

Hey All!The Legal Eagle is so named because it is capable of being built in legal compliance with the United States FAR Ultralight Vehicles regulations, even when equipped with a four stroke engine. The design features a fuselage of welded steel tubing, mated to an all-wood wing made from spruce and derived from the Mini-MAX. The flying surfaces are covered with doped aircraft fabric.

Like the fuselage, the taildragger landing gear is sprung steel. The aircraft has been developed into several variants of the basic design including the XL version for larger pilots and a two-seat ultralight trainer and Light-sport aircraft.

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eagle xl ultralight

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Legal Eagle project for sale. Thread starter Maxray Start date Jul 10, Tags legal eagle project ultralight. Help Support HomeBuiltAirplanes.

Maxray Member. Health is failing faster than previously thought. UL style dimensioned to XL landing gear, length, wings. Project is almost done with everything needed to finish. Runs great! Experienced builder. All cables except aileron controls run. Health issues force sale. May part out. Please text first due to spam calls then call Ohio.

Joined Sep 12, Messages 1. Is your Legal Eagle project still for sale?? Sold - Thank you. You must log in or register to reply here. Latest posts. Steel as a homebuilt material? Latest: Speedboat A moment ago. Sheet Metal. Flywheel for ej25 Latest: pictsidhe 6 minutes ago. The new project aircraft VP Ukraine Latest: Tom Nalevanko 10 minutes ago. New Member Introductions.

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Latest: nestofdragons 11 minutes ago. Latest: pictsidhe 12 minutes ago. IFR capable plane with auto conversion Latest: Daleandee 21 minutes ago. General Experimental Aviation Questions.The race was on to complete one more lap around the traffic pattern before the sun sank beneath the horizon and capped a glorious evening of flying.

The previous 45 minutes had been a combination of loitering over the rolling countryside looking for grazing herds of whitetail deer, interspersed with several touch-and-goes to sharpen rudder skills. This was another step on my path to rediscovering the simple pleasures of low-and-slow, inexpensive flight. The RV-6 has transported me to distant corners of our country, taught me much about flight and perseverance in completing a complex project, and remains a wonderful means of enjoying the social circles surrounding weekly breakfast outings.

But economic reality has put a damper on many of the joyrides that often occurred on summer evenings merely for the purpose of relieving the stress of a busy week.

The empennage is light and stiff, about 6 pounds prior to covering. Simple aluminum gussets and pulled rivets secure thin-wall aluminum tubing to form the control surfaces. Full-sized patterns were drawn on the tabletop and the components jigged with wood blocks.

Legal Eagle XL ORV and Verner 3V first flight

Some of the most enjoyable aviation I have ever experienced was shared with a J The Cub reawakened the very reasons I want to aviate, and the economy of operation resulted in guilt-free flights. It was the desire to return to Cub-like flying that prompted me to add the Legal Eagle to my hangar, not dissatisfaction with the RV. The two aircraft are perfect complements and offer access to opposite corners of the performance spectrum. What I did not expect to find, however, was the high level of interest my Eagle triggered from fellow RV pilots, both in person and via the Internet.

It seems I tapped into a realm of thought shared by many aviators as we face increasing budget pressure and medical concerns looming over the horizon. The sheer joy of flight introduced us to aviation, and many of us are now eager to close the loop and return to a simple mode of flight because it is, well, fun.

eagle xl ultralight

The RV-6 and the Legal Eagle XL are my tickets to enjoying aviation fully, whether the mission calls for cross-country travel, seeing the earth through the top of a canopy or chasing the sunset, at a leisurely pace, at treetop level.

An organized workstation is the key to expedited rib assembly. All necessary rib parts were cut in advance and placed in order of assembly.

Rib construction is conventional spruce cap strips in a truss design. Lightweight plywood gussets are glued in place on the rib fixture and temporarily secured with small staples. Two-stroke powerplants have always been the norm for ultralights, but after hours of Rotax flight, my interest in flying a two-stroke engine waned. The failure mode of a four-stroke is more predictable, and the exhaust note more enjoyable.

Legal Eagle project for sale

The half-VW uses the two rear cylinders of a Beetle-based engine to yield a powerplant that is light enough to fit within Part if careful attention is given to airframe design and construction.

These priorities result in an ultralight aircraft with conventional construction and flight characteristics and the four-stroke reliability many of us demand.Been working on getting the fuselage back together after covering the front part of the fuselage with fabric along with painting it.

I have decided Read More. So I was trying out my current setup with the fuselage and realized I was having issues with the seat that came with the fuselage. Read More. I first had to do Read More. After installing the tail wheel shopping cart kind I did not like how it handled when connected to the control wires.

Legal Eagle XL Supplemental Wing Plans

It seemed to be Read More. Not much here but I have completed the seat belt mount points and mounted the belts in place. I was a little stumped on how Read More. In order to repaint the fuselage because of all the welding, I have been doing on it I needed to repaint it.

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I also wanted Read More. The next step was to get the wings fitted to the fuselage. I was able to do this in my garage but had to do Read More.

I just got done working on site — I was having issues with my external picture hosting resource and had to recreate my storage bucket Read More. Fabric covering tail parts April 25, By Chris. Seat belt harness mounts April 5, By Chris Anderson. Add floor plate and brake cables April 4, By Chris. Install wings by mounting to the fuselage and adding attaching hardware Struts February 26, By Chris. Fix Site — picture links damaged February 20, By Chris.